Exercise therapy is to treat post-trauma, which is based on the therapeutic gymnastics and improvement exercises. The use of methods of kinesis allows a maximum improvement of lost functions, facilitates the occurrence of compensation processes and protects against abnormal motor stereotypes, counteracts secondary changes in the bone and muscle system, prevents complications in the cardiovascular and respiratory system, that may result from prolonged immobilization.


Exercise therapy is mostly used in diseases and dysfunctions of musculoskeletal pain syndromes of the spine, following a stroke, myocardial infarction, and in some cases respiratory diseases. Kinesitherapy is often combined with other forms of treatment, including physiotherapy methods in order to increase the therapeutic effect.


As part of the kinesytherapy treatment we offer:

  • passive exercises
  • passive- active exercises
  • active exercises
  • isometric exercise
  • synergistic exercises
  • individual exercises
  • kinesitherapeutic methods