Klara Medical Center performs physical therapy by highly qualified therapists, physiotherapists and doctors.


We use a variety of methods, depending on the Patient’s health status. They are chosen individually on the basis of interview and medical records. Each Patient is different and each requires an individual approach as each method has its contraindications that should be considered.


Rehabilitation and mitigation of the following diseases and conditions are offered:

  • spinal disorders and in particular:
    • disc herniation;
    • pain teams spondylometaphyseal – root;
    • sciatica;
    • interruption of the humerus (shoulder);
    • osteoarthritis of the spine;
    • spondylolisthesis;
    • ankylosing spondylitis;
    • rheumatoid arthritis;
    • other diseases or conditions associated with the spine.
  • ailments associated with postoperative states:
    • after arthroscopies,
    • ligament reconstructions,
    • joint replacement
    • surgical treatment of damaged tendons and muscles and their attachments,
    • surgical treatment of fractures
  • all kinds of problems associated with posttraumatic states:
    • bone fractures,
    • sprains and dislocations of joints,
    • damage the ligaments, tendons and muscles,
    • the instability of the joint
  • chronic diseases of upper and lower limbs of different origins:
    • osteoarthritis,
    • RA,
    • pain syndromes (painful shoulder, tennis elbow and golfer),
    • heel spurs;
  • some geriatric diseases:
    • Parkinson’s disease,
    • condition after stroke
  • paralysis, paresis of different reasons;
  • states after stroke.


We invite you to read the description of the method by which we work and use with Patients after they have been diagnosed:


PNF (Proprioceptiv Neuromuscular Facilitation) – is a concept with its own philosophy and principles of working with the Patient. Based on the anatomy of the human body it proposes natural movements, a three dimensional running, similar to the activities of daily living.

Kinesiology taping This method allows for excellent therapeutic results by the action of the sensory patch.

Mulligan. These are techniques that act directly on the joints, and indirectly on the neuromuscular system. Practical application of the Brian Mulligan method gives therapists the knowledge and new tools for working with Patients with dysfunctions in the joints of the spine, peripheral joints and intervertebral disc disease, discomfort, dizziness, chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions and others.

Treatment of trigger points is a technique that uses various forms of pressure and movements in different directions in the sensitive areas in the muscle tissue.

Cyriax this method is the accurate diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue.. Treatment by this method is done using techniques, handling, mobility and massage section.

Physiotherapy – exercises designed to correct posture through the use of well-chosen exercises tailored to the age and abilities of the Patient. In today’s world posture is an important social problem.